Sunday, October 16, 2016

When the Sun Came Out

The sun began to warm the backyard and I took a break from my computer.  Grabbed the PowerShot and found some small views of late Fall.  Leaves, seeds, flowers.  A spider walked though one shot but turned out blurry.  

Friday, October 7, 2016

Portland: The Industrial Southeast and Produce Row, A Walking Tour

On a drizzly Portland day, walking what some call the SouthEast Warehouse District, here are some of the places we visited.  This tour comes from the book, Walking Portland (thank you Dean & Adrienne).  And thank you LeeAnn for leading the way.

The first stop is Hippo Hardware, a purveyor of antique goods: lots of skeleton keys, doorknobs and other fixtures.

Here is one of the hippos, having a grand time in the bath.  

Wonder if these guys & gals know the Fantasia hippos in tutus?

In a modern-day vacuum cleaner store, there is a hall of antique cleaners.  Just had to take a shot of the Electrolux section; they look like the cleaner I used to vacuum the stairs up to our childhood bedroom.  

Concert mural on the walking route.

This old warehouse used to be home to a Wheaties factory; it's now the Olympic Mills Commerce Center.

Last stop, a yummy grilled cheese sandwich at Bunk Bar and this mural of tumbleweeds in the desert (the opposite of a Portland landscape).  

Note 1:  All photos taken with an iPhone.  Mostly no post-processing. 

Note 2:  Other stops, un-photographed but noteworthy:  Steven Smith Teamaker for a rejuvenating cop of Lord Bergamot and Sheridan Fruit Company with (surprise) a three yard long glass case displaying more different sausages than you can think of, all for sale.   

Note 3:  Here you see that someone of advanced age such as myself is an Honored Citizen when riding the bus (to and from the walk's starting & ending points).  $1.25 for 2.5 hours.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Elk Rock Gardens....Along the Willamette River

Elk Rock Garden, a tucked-away retreat along the Willamette River at the southwestern end of Portland.  Here are some views of a walk along the many garden paths.  

Wood, leaves, river and clouds provide atmosphere, texture and substance.

We see oaks, pines, douglas fir, cedar, maple, and many more tree species.  Some have labels, some must be guessed at. 


And, I learn that poison oak  does grow in Oregon.

As does Madrone.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Botanical World in May

Globe lily

A. mollis 

A. mollis in bloom

Well, finally we found out this is Bellardia

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Morning on the Balcony

Taking in the neighborhood sights, lazy person style.  

Downtown San Jose: lots of construction going on.

Study in dog and walker.


After church.

One other had the photography bug this morning.

The other watcher.