Sunday, October 16, 2016

When the Sun Came Out

The sun began to warm the backyard and I took a break from my computer.  Grabbed the PowerShot and found some small views of late Fall.  Leaves, seeds, flowers.  A spider walked though one shot but turned out blurry.  

Friday, October 7, 2016

Portland: The Industrial Southeast and Produce Row, A Walking Tour

On a drizzly Portland day, walking what some call the SouthEast Warehouse District, here are some of the places we visited.  This tour comes from the book, Walking Portland (thank you Dean & Adrienne).  And thank you LeeAnn for leading the way.

The first stop is Hippo Hardware, a purveyor of antique goods: lots of skeleton keys, doorknobs and other fixtures.

Here is one of the hippos, having a grand time in the bath.  

Wonder if these guys & gals know the Fantasia hippos in tutus?

In a modern-day vacuum cleaner store, there is a hall of antique cleaners.  Just had to take a shot of the Electrolux section; they look like the cleaner I used to vacuum the stairs up to our childhood bedroom.  

Concert mural on the walking route.

This old warehouse used to be home to a Wheaties factory; it's now the Olympic Mills Commerce Center.

Last stop, a yummy grilled cheese sandwich at Bunk Bar and this mural of tumbleweeds in the desert (the opposite of a Portland landscape).  

Note 1:  All photos taken with an iPhone.  Mostly no post-processing. 

Note 2:  Other stops, un-photographed but noteworthy:  Steven Smith Teamaker for a rejuvenating cop of Lord Bergamot and Sheridan Fruit Company with (surprise) a three yard long glass case displaying more different sausages than you can think of, all for sale.   

Note 3:  Here you see that someone of advanced age such as myself is an Honored Citizen when riding the bus (to and from the walk's starting & ending points).  $1.25 for 2.5 hours.